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Benefits of Access computer floors

Nowadays computersplaya vital role in the operation of anybusiness. The ease of use, high security, speed, fast retrieval of data and reliability has made them a necessity. The increase in computers in the workplace has resulted in a need fordedicated server rooms for providing a secure environment for keeping servers, switches, routers, computers and other related accessories. It is not like any other room in the workplace. If you look at typical computer room, you will see scattered wiring and equipment.This equipment generates a lot of heat, so it is necessary to maintain the appropriate temperature in the room and also provide a secure path for electrical wiring. The solution comes in the form of raised access computer floors.  

This is elevated flooring can be wood, tile, marble, concrete or any kind of flooring. It is also known as computer room flooring. The elevated floor panels are made out of fine quality steel sheets further filled with lightweight wood or cement. They are generally available in the standard size of 24" x 24” and 600 x 600 mm.  Once laid there is a support pedestal underneath them to hold them up. 


You will notice, the space between the standard flooring and elevated flooring offers abundant space for running services like air conditioning ducts, telecom, electricity, data, security etcetera.The raised panels can be taken out easily to access the devices and systems beneath the floor.  

Maintaining the appropriate temperature: 

The temperature of the server room is quite high because of the heat generated by various peripherals. It is vital to maintain optimum temperature for the proper functioning of servers, switches, hubs, computers and related peripherals.  The access computer floorshave unique cooling capabilities. It brings down the temperature of the area at an optimal level. The vacant space is used for circulating cool air underneath all the equipment. Diffuser ducts are methodically laid to speed up the flow of conditioned air.  Excessive heating can halt the system or even damage them.The incredible cooling effect of this system ensures that the equipment works without any trouble. 

Stops Spreading of Fire: 

Nowadays the complete data of companies are stored in data centers. They need a large amount of power to operate without any trouble. The center consists of high density cables, numerous electrical circuits and wires thus the risk of catching fire is always high. Looking at the significance of the stored data the safety of computer/server rooms is of utmost importance. Here, the general firefighting equipment like sprinklers, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors are not enough. The access computer floorsin itself isa significant advantage as it is manufactured from fire proof material.  It acts as a barrier and prevents fire from spreading.   


It adds flexibility and a professional look to the work place. It makes adding new equipment easy. You can even modify the layout of the area without hampering the work. The ease of cleaning and maintenance makes computer a flooring system an intelligent choice for computer and server rooms. 

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